How about you STOP these 10 things right now!

How about you STOP these 10 things right now!

There are some among us who're our own worst enemies. 

Make that many of us. 

We unwittingly undermine our own happiness and success with bad habits and negative thoughts; but we can stop. And if we're going to enjoy more happiness, success, motivation and health then these 10 things are definitely worth stopping now…

by Praverb from LifeHack

You are constantly struggling with staying motivated. You start things but you never complete them. The excitement that you had in the beginning of your journey slowly fades. Does this sound familiar?

In order for you to stay motivated you have to get rid of things that are weighing you down. Below you will find 10 things you need to drop in order to stay motivated.

1. You will need to drop the sense of entitlement

You are not entitled to anything in this world. We all have “started from the bottom.” Work hard to accomplish your goals. You got this.

2. You will need to drop stress

Stop stressing yourself out over things you can’t control. Reduce stress by keeping your mind, body and soul active. Exercise, play sports, get yourself a companion (animal), write, etc. We all have to deal with stress in our life. The key is how you deal with it. Learn how to ignore things that stress you out.

3. You will need to drop negativity

Focus on the positive and drop negativity. Dropping negativity means that you distance yourself from negative people and negative influences. Distance yourself from people that do not care about your dream. Learn how to combat negative self-talk with positive affirmations…

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