15 tips to instantly boost your happiness!

15 tips to instantly boost your happiness!

Happiness is both short and long term. 

Meaningful happiness requires time and should be thought of in perspective; but pleasure, which is also important can be created in the here and now. 

They both enhance each other but today we focus on instant mood boosters so try them out and enjoy more happiness instantly … 

by Paige Fowler from MensHealth

You know all the usual ways to boost your mood: Soak up sunlight. Exercise daily. Laugh, sleep, and meditate. But if you’re feeling melancholy in the middle of the afternoon and you can’t get outside, to the gym, or to your bed, you need a plan B. Here are 15 scientific ways to instantly lift your spirits, and end your day on a high note.

1. Snack on mixed nuts.

A handful per day boosts levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, according to researchers at the University of Barcelona in Spain. Not only does serotonin raise your mood, but it also lowers feelings of hunger and improves heart health. Reach for an ounce (about a handful) of raw walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts every day.

2. Make plans for this weekend.

Thanks to a phenomenon called anticipatory savoring, taking a few minutes to plan something you’ll look forward to can make you happier all week long. “You get excited about a future experience, but draw on that in the present moment,” says Michelle Gielan, founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research.

3. Hang out around the water cooler.

Even mild dehydration can take a toll on your mood. French researchers found that people who increased their H20 intake to 2.5 liters per day (about 8 to 10 glasses) reported decreased fatigue, less confusion, greater satisfaction, and an improved outlook. When parched, neurons in your brain may detect an electrolyte imbalance, which could affect the parts involved in regulating your mood.

4. Make a smarter purchase.

You’ve probably heard that spending your money on experiences, not stuff, will yield greater happiness. But new research from the University of Michigan suggests a caveat: People who forked over dough for goods that allowed them to have those experiences—such as electronics, musical instruments, sports, and outdoor gear—reported increased happiness, too.

5. Think about your favorite tune.

Sure, cue up Spotify if you have it handy. But you don’t even need to hear your favorite song to get those feel-good chills, McGill University researchers report. Simply thinking about a beloved track causes your brain to churn out dopamine, the same neurotransmitter that’s released during other pleasurable activities like eating and sex. If you do push play, dopamine levels rise about 9 percent higher when listening to music you love…

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