Enjoy happiness and feel special by helping someone else today and making them feel special!

Enjoy happiness and feel special by helping someone else today and making them feel special!

One of the greatest myths about happiness is that it's…selfishness and hedonism. 

This is NOT true. 

Here at The Happiness Institute we're constantly advising and reminding people that real happiness involves…others! So thriving and flourishing in life involves, at least in part, being kind and nice and making others feel good. 

Accordingly, today we share we you these 8 simple ways to help someone feel special because in doing so, you'll feel special (and happy) yourself! 

Read on and enjoy…by Jonathan Weinstock from LifeHack

Spending more time making others feel special by being more thoughtful and considerate should become part of a daily routine. The theme is about ‘giving’ which has a powerful effect not only on others but upon your own well-being also. Here are some simple actionable ideas you can implement today which will help make someone’s day and make them feel great! The themes to all the tips below are about being genuine and authentic in your approach while opening up your heart to others as you set out to help someone.

1. Spend time each day thinking about how and what you can ‘give’ to others

Focus on being thoughtful and meaningful rather than having to spend money. Sending flowers to someone via courier bought online in a couple of clicks is a nice thought, but far more personal if the flowers are chosen by you and hand delivered. What have you got to offer your friends and family? Just taking the time out to think will help create some ideas you can start to implement and be creative!

2. Call someone you care about to let them know that you are thinking of them

This may be someone who may be facing a few issues in their life at the moment, or even someone who is experiencing some great times and successes. Even leaving a short message is effective and does the job. Simply thinking about that person is a waste if the thought isn’t clearly communicated!

3. Pay someone a compliment

Preferably face to face with solid eye contact, even if it’s a stranger that you’ve never met!  Who doesn’t like receiving compliments? Tell someone they look great but don’t overdo it. Make sure you are being authentic and genuine…

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