Remember “RAIN” when you feel overwhelmed

Remember “RAIN” when you feel overwhelmed

I love this article including the great acronym "RAIN" which would help all of us during difficult times…

by Dave Greenbaum from LifeHacker

Sometimes in our daily lives stress starts getting the best of us and we need to pause. One way of creating a mindful moment and regaining focus is the acronym R.A.I.N.P

?Similar to the STOP Method, remembering RAIN focuses you on the problem you are having right now rather than all the emotional baggage that goes along with it:

"R = Recognize: Notice that you are experiencing something, such as irritation at the tone of voice used by your partner, child, or co-worker. Step back into observation rather than reaction. Without getting into story, simply name what is present, such as "annoyance," "thoughts of being mistreated," "body firing up," "hurt," "wanting to cry."

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