10 Habits of Exceptionally Happy People

10 Habits of Exceptionally Happy People

by Shannon Kaiser from the Huffington Post

Why do some people enjoy more health and happiness than others? It seems they are able to manifest their dreams rapidly, and they have a consistent sense of peace and happiness. These people see opportunities when others see closed doors. They handle setbacks with grace and ease, moving confidently in the direction of their desires.

The good news is that you can be one of "those" people — you don't have to be born with these characteristics, they can be learned. I know this is true from personal experience, having moved from zero to being my own hero, leaving depression, drug addictions, eating disorders and a corporate job I hated in the dust, all in an effort to find my own happiness and live my dream life.

What I learned is that being happy is possible, no matter how dark your days are, that happiness is attainable, especially when you understand what happy people do to get there.

Finding lasting happiness is a lot like getting in shape physically. You have to work your positivity muscles daily; if you do this, over time it will become easier to be happy because your "happy" is stronger through constant use.

If you are looking for a nudge or an instant hit of happy, consider these 10 habits of exceptionally happy people from my book Find Your Happy.

Happy people…

1. Make themselves available to success

Happy people are great goal setters. They work toward their goals daily, and they see opportunities in everything. This allows them to excel in multiple areas of their life.

Ask yourself if you are open for opportunities and setting big goals?

2. Don't use the word luck

When you look at an exceptionally happy person you may say, "They are so lucky," but a conversation with these go-getters will reveal that luck is not in their vocabulary. Instead they believe that passion + persistence equals tremendous results.

3. Don't fall victim to the circumstances of their life

Most exceptionally happy people have been in the dumps, hit rock bottom, or come from an understanding that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It takes an inner courage and conviction to find a source of inspiration inside of you, but we all have it in us. Happy people don't complain; if they don't like something they change it…

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