10 Happiness Habits You Might be Forgetting…read this NOW for a powerful reminder!

10 Happiness Habits You Might be Forgetting…read this NOW for a powerful reminder!

It's so easy to forget. 

And accordingly, it's so easy to NOT enjoy as much happiness as we could. 

Sometimes all we need is a reminder…to be happy. 

And the reminder today involves 10 happiness habits…

by Rem Tanauan from Life Hack 

Happiness is achieved by the simplest of habits that we can practice every day, without learning fancy principles. But often the simplest ways are the ones we most easily forget. If you can’t beat the blues, then you have most likely forgotten these happiness habits:

1. You forget to breathe consciously

Most spiritual teachings today talk about meditation of all forms and kinds. And they all share the same fundamental instruction: breathe. Go out, find a natural spot under the shade of tree or in a park. Inhale deeply, then exhale. Repeat this 10 times and watch how you lighten up your mood.

2. You forget to smile at people around you

Smiling is not just a happiness booster for yourself, you also boost other people’s happiness. In fact, the more you smile at the people around you, the more they are eager to help you when you need it, even without asking. That’s because smiling breaks the ice between strangers and brings so much positive energy that you’ll end up making great friends.

3. You forget to say thank you

Saying thank you is not just about appreciating someone who did you a favor. It is also about your overall feeling and imagination: of being thankful for the littlest things that you receive and enjoy. Never let those things go unnoticed. Feel good, be thankful and you’ll be always happy…

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