Work out who you really are then be the best YOU possible!

Work out who you really are then be the best YOU possible!

Today (Thursday May 22) I'm presenting a keynote presentation at the Brisbane Positive Schools conference and the title of my talk is "Be Happy. Be Different. Be Happy." 

In short, it's based on the idea that being different is, ultimately, the only real option! Because we're all different. And so being different (if it's done right) is really just…being you! 

I've no doubt that real and meaningful happiness depends at least in part on working out who you really are and then living your life in line with this; which means clarifying your values and priorities, focusing on your strengths, worrying less about what others think and having fun with your own personality. 

And obviously, I'm not the first to advocate such an approach as this fascinating article from Brain Pickings shows by referring to none other than Leo Tolstoy…

In March of 1884, Leo Tolstoy resolved in his diary to create a “circle of reading” for himself, probing “the great philosophers of all time and all people” for wisdom on how to live well. This was the birth of his famous Calendar of Wisdom, which he spent the remaining seventeen years of his life piecing together.

Now comes a wonderful modern-day counterpart that falls partway between Tolstoy and Tumblr: Whatever You Are, Be a Good One (public library) — an impossibly charming compendium of 100 wise and timeless thoughts from some of history’s greatest minds, hand-lettered by illustrator and Brain Pickings collaborator Lisa Congdon. The common thread underpinning these quotes — which include such beloved luminaries as Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir, Henry James, Anne Lamott, Søren Kierkegaard, and Leo Tolstoy himself — is Congdon’s own sensibility about what it means to live with kindness and integrity, to cherish beauty and the creative spirit, and ultimately to be a good human being.

Here are a few favorites…

…check out the full & original article HERE