The difference between living an “average” life and a happy and successful one!

The difference between living an “average” life and a happy and successful one!

Here at The Happiness Institute we spend much of our time studying what happy and successful people do; this is then often compared to what unhappy or unsuccessful (or sometimes just "average") people do so we can tease out the differences. 

By doing so we can then share with you what NOT to do and what to do MORE of…if, that is, you want more happiness, health, wellbeing and success in your life. 

So today we're sharing with you 2 interesting articles. 

In the first, 20 things average people do that prevent them from being successful are summarisd. You can read them all HERE but some of the highlights (or should that be lowlights?) are: 

  • they wake up late

  • they watch too much TV

  • they have a fixed mindset

  • they don't act on their thoughts

  • they don't read

  • and they're passive

Not so good, eh? 

But the good news is that we're also going to share with you a second article in which a number of much more positive beliefs (which are then associated with much more positive actions) are listed. Some of these are: 

  • do what you love

  • be prepared to fail…and then to learn

  • work hard

  • persevere 

  • do good and be good to others

You can read the complete (second) article HERE

Here at The Happiness Institute we've been saying for over a decade now that achieving happiness requires little more than practising a few simple disciplines, each and every day. 

We hope that this post, and the 2 articles referred to within, will help you determine what "simple disciplines" to do more of…every day!