7 things happy people do ALL the time

7 things happy people do ALL the time

There's something about happy people; and you can learn that something! 

In an ideal world we'd all do the RIGHT things all the time. What are the "right" things? Well, those things that contribute to our health and happiness and success. 

Further, in an ideal world we'd do these things consistently, and with passion (not just because we feel we have to!)

This is what the happiest people do; they enjoy their happiness and success because they do the "right" things all the time and they do them eagerly! 

Would you like to live like this? If so, keep reading…

by Alden Tan from Pick The Brain 

For the life of me, whenever I see happy people, I can’t help but think that there’s just something about them.

They have this mysterious charisma that truly makes them exude that happiness. They have that X-factor. They are “that guy”, that class clown back in high school who keeps cracking jokes and even smiles when he or she gets in trouble.

And then I realized something. I noticed that they do things not just differently, but on another level. You can call the next level even.

Their enthusiasm, happiness, joy and zest for life are a result of how they carry themselves in life. They do everything in order to feel happy.

Here’s 7 things happy people do eagerly all the time

1) They grab opportunities

This is done without too much thinking.

The thing is, it’s an opportunity. It’s meant to be grabbed. Happy people take them and accept whatever results that come. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, because they know they gave it a shot and that’s most important.

They are happy because they can look back knowing no stone was left unturned.

2) They celebrate

I think it’s kind of sad that a lot of people push aside celebrations, calling their birthdays “just another day” or Christmas a tired holiday where they have to spend money on others.

Happy people take it as chance to celebrate. It’s a reason to live it up and have fun.

Honestly, if you can’t be happy even on specially selected occasions or festivals, then how do you think you can be happy on any normal given day?

Celebrate whenever you can. No one else will do it for you.

3) They sleep

Another sad thing. People take it as a norm that sleeping isn’t an entitlement any more or that one isn’t allowed to sleep much if they want success.

I get it. We all have to work or we want to hustle and be as productive as possible, but sleep is a necessity in life! You absolutely need to recharge and rest up to well, live.

And if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you aren’t going to be happy since you lack energy altogether. So sleep. Your body wants to be happy too. Don’t belittle sleep…

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