10 simple tips for a blissful, happy day!

10 simple tips for a blissful, happy day!

Being "blissful every day" sounds a bit unrealistic. 

Enjoying happiness ALL the time is probably (almost certainly) not possible. 

But that being said, these 10 tips will definitely help you enjoy more happiness more often and to live a more blissful, fullfilling life more often than not. 

So have a read of this Scott Christ LifeHack article and do your best to put them into practice in your life…

“Bliss” means something different to each of us. To one person, it may mean lying on a tropical beach sipping a cocktail. For another, it could be some quiet time with a book. Want to find your own version of “bliss?” Then check out these 10 ways to be blissful each and every day.

  1. Be quiet – our lives are filled with endless noise. If you’re struggling with finding bliss, the first step is to embrace silence. Find a couple times throughout each day to be quiet with your thoughts. Calm your mind and only focus on one thing: breathing. Meditation is one of the best ways increase your health and happiness.

  2. Say “thank you." – Counting your blessings will do more than just cheer you up. It can actually improve your health and well being too. If you’re seeking a perpetual state of bliss, start being thankful for what you do have–and stop focusing so much on what you don’t.

  3. Take a walk – Excessive sitting can be lethal. Exercise is a proven way to make you healthier and happier. Even if you can only spare 5 or 10 minutes, those minutes will add up…

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