Can an advertising campaign really promote happiness?

Can an advertising campaign really promote happiness?

by Dr. Happy (@drhappy on Twitter) 

Is this an example of how consumerism and marketing might actually do some good? 

I have to say, that more often than not I think TV ads are poorly made and that they ad little or no value to the world! They're not all terrrible or evil, but they rarely do anything for my happiness or, in my humble opinion, the general happiness of the general population. In fact, more often than not they just work to sell more "stuff" we don't need or even more stuff that makes us unhealthy!

But every now and then someone comes along and does something a bit different.

Every now and then I'm inspired by the brilliance of creative minds and the beautiful intention of good peoples. 

Yes, the ad I'm about to direct you to is trying to sell something; and yes, maybe that "something" is not the healthiest product in the world. 

But, the good this commercial could potentially do outweighs, in my humble opinion, any health concerns in this context. 

So firstly, read this New Yorker article HERE

And then watch the ad embedded in the article or go to YouTube and watch the series of ads HERE (and note, don't just watch the first one…keep watching). 

If we think of happiness as including love and tolerance and understanding and compassion for all then this is a pretty good example for me.