The Habits of Happy People

The Habits of Happy People

Happy people do things differently…and you can too!

In fact happy people have happiness habits…so they do positive things each and every day automatically. 

Want to know what they do for happiness? Keep reading below…

by Jonathan Alpert from Huffington Post

Most people have something that gnaws at them at night, a problem or unrealized dream somewhere in their lives that causes them to feel incomplete, dissatisfied and unhappy. For them, happiness feels unachievable and elusive. However, addressing and conquering their fears helps them to achieve what they once thought was impossible and this leads to the awareness that happiness is within closer reach and can be obtained by making some simple changes. Below are the habits of happy people that I've gleaned from some of the happiest people I know, as well as former patients who have gone on to lead fulfilling and satisfying lives.

  • Maintain a positive and optimistic outlook. Encountering negative events in life is normal. Understand that they don't define you; do your best to find the silver lining, and counter negative thoughts with positive ones. Further, change the way you think by nixing your negative thinking and seeing problems as challenges and opportunities to learn something new. Think what's possible, not what's impossible.

  • Focus on what you can control. So many people worry about what is beyond their control. "What if I get a dreadful disease?" or "What if I lose my job?" are two of the most common anxiety-filled statements I hear from patients. This exhaustive thinking saps people of any energy to be positive and happy. Next time you catch yourself thinking this way, turn it around and think about what you can control. Take action rather than being a victim of circumstance and your own negative thinking. For the two examples above, one has control over leading a healthy lifestyle to prevent bad health, and working hard and reviewing performance with their supervisor to ensure job security.

  • Surround yourself with happy people. Happy people tend to be supportive, warm and giving. These qualities will encourage you to be happy too. Conversely, hanging out with miserable and unhappy people will weigh you down and won't allow you to focus on your own well-being and goals…

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