11 Life Lessons from…Albert Einstein!

11 Life Lessons from…Albert Einstein!

You probably knew he was smart; but did you also know he was wise? 

Albert Einstein is known for his mind-boggling physics and notably, the theory of relativity. But as this article suggests, he was also a pretty wise man from whom we can learn much about life and happiness….

Albert Einstein offered us more than just the amazing theory of relativity and E=mc2. Through his persistence in his discoveries in science, Einstein shined a light on how each of us can do the impossible by hard work, experiencing failure, and valuing people. Even if you are not a scientist, you can apply these life lessons to your life today.


“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein

The more complicated you have to make something seem, the more you do not understand the inner workings of it. Think about the best teachers that you have had in your life. Did they make even the most complicated topics full of vocabulary that you did not understand or did they make it easier to understand by simplifying?


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

Inspire others to do what they love. Use your creativity to create new works, and you never know what others will create. It’s time to let your mind create projects and ideas that will have a domino effect throughout the world.

Hard Work and Failure

“The only sure way to avoid making mistakes is to have no new ideas.” – Albert Einstein

“You never fail until you stop trying.” -Albert Einstein

Einstein spent most of his life working on physics theories- some never worked out and others we know today. You never know which one will work out, but persistence is key. You have to keep working hard and keep trying to solve your problem. Failure doesn’t exist until you stop trying…

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