9 things to put on your happiness to-do list

9 things to put on your happiness to-do list

Enjoying happiness is partly a matter of doing the right things and not doing the wrong things!

So do these 9 things for happiness and enjoy a better life…

by Jen Glantz from the Huffington Post

1. Hug more people because you absolutely adore them, and since time changes everything, make sure to hug them now — make sure to hug them more often. It's a universally free way to tell them that you care. That you're sorry; that your heart aches and craves and desires them. Hug them because it's Wednesday. Because you don't want to say goodbye. Because after three months of silence, you finally have the courage to forgive them. Hug them for no reason at all.

2. Talk to strangers. When you're out at a bar and a guy wearing a checkered button-down shirt approaches you with a splash of confidence, give him the time of day. Talk to him, and the stranger on the park bench eating a raisin bagel. Talk to the women with the bedazzled nails ringing up your produce at the grocery store. The guy devouring some Vonnegut at Barnes and Noble. Embrace the rush of how simple it is to meet a stranger and then, in seconds, feel as though they are no stranger than anyone else who is permanent in your life. Not even a little bit, not even at all.

3. Be open to the idea of dating. When asked, say yes. When there, be present. First impressions are decoupaged in chaotic fear and blistering nerves. The person who you are sitting across from on this an inaugural date may end up being the person who is still sitting with you at 80, when you're wrinkly and up a few bucks in a game of bingo…

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