Simplify your life for more happiness!

Simplify your life for more happiness!

Do you overcomplicate things? 

If you do, like many of us do, you probably also experience more stress and frustration than you'd like; and accordingly, you probably also experience less happiness than you'd like. 

Overcomplicating things distracts us from what's really important; and what's really important is health and happiness (among other things). So check out Susie Moore's 5 secrets to simplify your life and create a life in which happiness, health, wellbeing and success have more room to live and breathe well…

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," said Leonardo Da Vinci.

Simplifying the complex is perhaps one of the most underrated virtues of our time. We pride ourselves on excess — the newest gadgets, a full social calendar and quantity over quality with regards to relationships, experiences and possessions. We even find a weird sense of righteousness in workaholism. As a life coach in New York City, I meet a lot of high-achieving individuals and they often do not consider a simple life a successful life, until we dig a little deeper. Then it can be baffling as to why they did not consider simplicity a must in the first place. Happiness is the goal of all other goals and the secret to happiness is simply inner peace. Overindulgence in anything disrupts this. When we tread the peaceful path, simplicity lines the walk.

The truth is, simplicity is freeing. It is natural. When we over extend ourselves and fill our lives with clutter, both materially and emotionally, we lose touch with the essence of ourselves and with what matters. Our resources — time, money, even energy, are limited. Spreading them too thin does not serve anyone. Least of all you.

Here are five easy tips to simplify your life:

1. Seek quality, not quantity with friendships.

For a second, picture a life without the friends in you are so fortunate to have. Who do you miss the most? These are the people to invest your time with. Having two to three real friends is a blessing. No one can be a real, constant and reliable friend to 11 people…

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