Avoid these 20 excuses if you want to achieve your dreams and enjoy happiness!

Avoid these 20 excuses if you want to achieve your dreams and enjoy happiness!

Benjamin Franklin was once quoted as saying…

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.

We all have reasons why we CAN'T do something but those who're happy and successful focus more on the reasons they CAN and WANT TO do something. 

This is why they enjoy happiness and success! 

Everyone's different, of course, but this great article from LifeHack lists 20 common excuses people make and notably, how we can avoid them…

Have you ever said or done something that stopped and discouraged you from taking action toward your goals?

Excuses and negative self talk are common problems and are what usually stops most of us from fulfilling our dreams. But they aren’t apparent until we become conscious of them. And it’s not until you become conscious of them that you can start to begin changing them to help you move forward.

Here are 20 of the most common excuses people use that stop them from reaching their dreams:

1. I’m too old to start.

As long as you’re still living and breathing, you still have all the resources to turn your life around. All it takes is will and desire.

2. I’m not talented enough.

Talent alone isn’t enough to be truly successful. It might help you progress faster, but ultimately, all it requires is hard work and dedication to improve.

3. I wasn’t born in the right area.

Your environment may have influenced the way you’ve been fostered, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decide to change your attitude. You are in control of what you choose to think and feel about yourself.

4. I come from a poor background.

Some of the most successful people got there with little but a few dollars in their pocket. Money may help you reach your goals faster, but the real value is your inner resources and resourcefulness to get the job done.

5. I’m not smart enough.

Don’t despair if you feel you lack the knowledge to pursue your goals. There is a good reason why you lack the knowledge—you’re just starting! The key to learning is to start from somewhere and make progress…

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