14 signs you’re really happy and how to stay that way!

14 signs you’re really happy and how to stay that way!

by Lindsay Holmes

If someone on the street asked you if you were happy — what would you say?

Many factors influence how we feel on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s a struggle at work or an issue in our personal lives, and most of them can decline our feelings of positivity and well-being. And we aren’t alone — according to the 2013 World Happiness Report, North American countries are less happy now than they were five years ago. But, as scientific research has discovered, happiness, to some extent, is a choice — so why does it sometimes feel so hard to choose it?

One answer is a bit surprising: As it turns out, we may be more joyful than we realize — we just aren't mindful of the signs. While no one can escape the pressures of jobs, inevitable conflicts and even bouts of depression and anxiety, much of our emotional well-being isn’t entirely dependent on external circumstance. To find more happiness, you might just want to look on the bright side. Below find 14 signs you really do have a sunny disposition — and how to keep it that way.

You want others to share in your happiness.

Whether it’s paying someone a compliment or performing a random act of kindness, when you’re really happy, you want others to be happy too. And sharing that joy can help continue those positive feelings — studies have shown that being kind to others can actually help increase your overall happiness levels.

You don’t sweat the small stuff…

Just miss the train? Spill your coffee? It doesn’t matter. If focusing on what’s important and not obsessing over minor annoyances is a priority of yours, it may be a sign that you’re in a good place. Research has shown that those who swap focusing on the small, everyday negatives for emphasis on brief, joyful moments tend to be happier overall. Happy people don’t deny that there are peaks and valleys in life — but by concentrating on what goes right instead of what goes wrong, you set yourself up for longer-term contentment and greater resilience when dealing with negative events.

…In fact, you appreciate the little things.

Nothing is greater than hearing your favorite song come on the radio or being outside and hearing a few birds chirp. The little things are what contentment is composed of — and you recognize that. Studies have shown that practicing gratitude is a key component to a happy life, and if you’re thankful for the little things that make you smile, then it’s a good sign you’re on the right path.

You’re proud of other people’s successes.

When you’re happy, not only do you revel in your own accomplishments, you also bask in the success of others as well. You know that celebrating other people’s victories connects you to others and offers a bit of good karma in the form of maintaining your own sunny outlook. As motivational speaker and coach Tai Goodwin explained in her blog on The Huffington Post, expressing genuine joy for other people can really pay off when it comes to your own happiness…

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