Boost someone’s happiness simply by asking these 2 questions!

Boost someone’s happiness simply by asking these 2 questions!

Often we think about what we need to do to make ourselves feel happier. 

But what about thinking about what we can do to make others enjoy more happiness? 

In this article from LifeHack, we're invited to ask these two simple questions of others to make them feel better about themselves…

by Mihir Paktar

To give someone a boost, ask them about a specific aspect of their life where they are doing well and follow it up with a generic question about their overall happiness. It sounds simplistic, but it works wonders, according to Nobel laureate psychologist Daniel Kahneman.

In a study, Kahneman asked students two questions:

  • How many dates did you have last month?

  • How happy are you these days?

Those who were happy about their answer to the first question also reported a happy answer to the second, the study found. The first question needn’t be that one specifically, of course. You can ask any question that you think the answer will be something that puts the person in a positive mood.

If the order of the questions is reversed, it doesn’t work…

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