7 steps to living your dream life

7 steps to living your dream life

Your life CAN be fantastic. Here's how…

By Laura Shin In 2008, Betsy and Warren Talbot were happily employed, living in Seattle with a townhouse and car. When health scares among their loved ones made them face their mortality at age 37, they decided to pursue their dream of living out of their backpacks for the rest of their lives.

Since 2010, they have been to 30-some countries, including Mongolia, Russia and Antarctica, and have traveled by land and sea from Thailand to Miami. These experts in radical transformation, who publish Married With Luggage, have also co-written three books with a fourth on the way this spring, launched a podcast, and amassed 20,000 readers. Here are their tips for chasing — and living — your dream…

…you can read the full and original story HERE or just enjoy the following list of key steps: 

  1. Imagine a day in the life you want to be living

  2. Assess, honestly, where you are right now

  3. Break down the path to your ideal life into small steps

  4. Integrate the new, necessary steps into your daily life

  5. Address potential roadblocks and obstacles

  6. Share your goal with (supportive) others

  7. Enlist the support of (supportive) others

So go to it and create a great life. Happiness and success can be yours!