8 reasons to be truly grateful

8 reasons to be truly grateful

Begin each with feeling good, enjoying happiness, with these 8 reasons to be truly grateful…

by Geoffrey James from Inc.com

One of the best ways to become successful, in my opinion, is to begin and end each day with gratitude.

With that in mind, here are eight reasons that life is worth living and worth living well:

  1. Being Alive. Any day above ground is a good day.

  2. Challenge. Nothing is fun without an obstacle to overcome.

  3. Family. Even the most difficult ones have some saving graces.

  4. Friends. Being a friend is the only better thing than having one.

  5. Free Will. It may be an illusion, but it's great to have a choice.

  6. Nature. A walk on the beach or in the woods renews your spirit.

  7. Work. If you were financially independent, you'd still keep busy, right?

  8. Love. As the Beatles famously sang, it's all you really need.

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