50 Universal Truths That Will Make you Successful…and Happy!

50 Universal Truths That Will Make you Successful…and Happy!

That which leads to happiness and success is pretty much universal as you'll see if you check out these 50 great tips for success and happiness…

by Julie Bort

No matter what is going on in your career, good advice is universal. No matter what problems you are trying to solve, chances are someone else before you had a similar problem.

I’ve been a journalist for the better part of two decades and during that time I’ve interviewed and written about thousands of people in various stages of success, from billionaires to entrepreneurs launching startups (one while fighting brain cancer).

All of that has led me to conclude that there are certain universal “business truths” — tips and tricks that work for nearly everyone in every business. They are:

  1. Have a passion for your work. If your work is meaningful to you, your work life will be a joy.

  2. If you can’t be passionate about the work itself, be passionate about the reason you do it. Maybe you don’t love your job/company/career, but the money and benefits are good for your family. Be passionate in your choice to do right by your family.

  3. If something needs changing, be the one to lead the change. If you dislike your job but are stuck, work on getting the skills that will get you unstuck. If there’s a problem at your office, work on being the one solve it.

  4. Start small and build from there.

  5. Do the obvious stuff first, then progress to the harder stuff. (Otherwise known as going for the low-hanging fruit.)

  6. If it’s not broke, don’t fix. Do improve it.

  7. The hardest lesson to learn is when to keep going and when to quit. No one can teach you that. At some point, you have to choose.

  8. The definition of crazy is to do the same thing the same way and expect a different result. If the result isn’t good, change something.

  9. No one succeeds alone.

  10. Ask for help. Be specific when asking. Be graceful and grateful when help comes…

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