5 Ways to be Just You!

5 Ways to be Just You!

by Dr. Happy (@drhappy)

Good morning all, and welcome to Monday Morning (here in Sydney, anyway). 

I've recently started writing a regular blog for my good friend, Faustina Agolley's website. Just a few hours ago, my latest article was published and it's all about how to be you and live true to who you really are. 

It starts like this…

Do you ever compare yourself to others? Do you ever compete with friends and/or colleagues in an effort to be better? Do you ever look around and wonder who’s most successful; or who’s most attractive?

If so, then firstly, that just makes you normal (because we all do it to some extent); but if so then secondly, it’s also probably making you miserable! So this article offers some suggestions to stop it, because it’s a sure fire path to self-destruction!

Unless you’re one of a pair of monozygotic (“identical”) twins, who’s been raised in exactly the same environment as your sibling twin, having lived 100% of exactly the same experiences AND who makes all the same choices and decisions your brother or sister makes each and every minute of each and every day then…it’s simply not fair to compare yourself to anyone because, quite simple, you’re different!

In the words of the incredibly wise and wonderful Dr. Seuss…

Today you are you, that is truer than true

There is no one alive that is you-er than you

Research (and, as most of us know, experience) clearly suggests that comparing yourself to others leads mostly to disappointment and frustration. So how can we stop this self-defeating habit and enjoy more happiness by enjoying ourselves for who we really more? Well, in short, here’s how…

  1. Take the road less travelled – Set your own path and determine your own goals. Be clear about what you want to achieve in life and stick to this as best you can

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