Make your happiness last…with these 15 happiness habits!

Make your happiness last…with these 15 happiness habits!

Happiness is great. 

But long term, lasting, real and meaningful happiness is even better. 

And the good news is we can cultivate lasting happiness with these 15 great habits posted recently on Psychology Today…

by Barbara Markway

Happiness is circular. Happy people have happy habits, which in turn, makes them happier. Here’s a list of habits that have a high chance of giving you a happiness boost.

1. Savor the moment: Look around your environment and take note of one thing that you often take for granted. Bring mindful attention and awareness to this. Try to engage all your senses. Notice the positive feelings and associations that go with it. Try to hold onto this awareness for 15-20 seconds or so, to let it really sink in.

2. Practice non-judgmental awareness of yourself and others: Most people, including yourself, are doing the best they can with the resources they have in any particular moment. No one wakes up and says, “I think I’ll screw up my life today.” Give yourself, and others, a break.

3. Cultivate realistic thinking: You don’t have to necessarily be a positive thinker. Sometimes healthy skepticism is appropriate. Try to be balanced in your thinking, though. For example, what is the evidence for (insert worrisome thought or idea)? What are the implications? How likely is it to happen? What coping skills do you have in place if the worst were to happen?

4. Connect with others: We are inherently social and have a fundamental need for belonging. Having social support is a buffer in times of stress. Connecting with others can also help put problems in perspective; others can give you useful feedback. 

5. Resolve conflicts proactively: Treat emotional issues as temporary and solvable. Use assertiveness skills. Realize you can be kind without having people walk all over you.

6. Develop good self-care practices: Exercise, eat healthy most of the time, get enough sleep, be kind to yourself, and develop good boundaries. Here’s a list of 80+ self-care ideas. Pick one to do today.

7. Share gratitude and love: Express gratitude to those who have made a difference in your life. Send a card. Write a letter. Visit in person…

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