Discover 5 rare and unknown ways to instantly boost your mood!

Discover 5 rare and unknown ways to instantly boost your mood!

We all need a good mood booster every now and then. 

We'd all like some quick and powerful ways to generate more happiness more often. 

Well, we've published lots of happiness enhancers in the past but we're always happy to post even more! So check out these great happiness tips via PickTheBrain…

by Jamie Flexman

The internet is awash with great tips on how to improve your life, your mood and everything in between. The thing is – we already know most of this stuff.

Go for a long walk in the sunshine.

Arrange to have lunch with your friends.

Head to the gym and get those endorphins flowing.

Start the day with some great sex.

These are all good ideas but it’s time to think outside the box a little. What if it’s pouring with rain outside? That won’t put you in a great mood. What if your friends are all busy today? That won’t help. What if you have an injury or aren’t feeling too well? The gym is a no go. What if you have nobody to wake up to in the mornings?


This is the perfect opportunity to start the day on your own terms, so here are 6 little known ways to instantly put yourself in a great mood (that you can do right now).

1. Wear your best clothes

Most people save their best gear for special occasions and nights out. Think about how crazy that is for a second. You’re spending a considerable amount of cash (presumably) on a dress or a top that only ever sees action once every 6 months!

That’s insane.

Everyone reading this right now has a favourite item of clothing. I’m willing to bet that even though it’s your favourite, you barely even wear it.

Go to your wardrobe right now and put it on. You have the right to look your best 24/7.

2. Take a day off work

When was the last time you had a day off? Weekends don’t count.

Society has forced onto us the idea that we have to be on our deathbed to have a day off work, but do you know what? Not all illnesses are visible. Sometimes our brain needs a rest too. Stress and anxiety are legitimate conditions that require our attention and the symptoms can often be greatly reduced simply by taking ourselves out of the firing line.

I know you may feel guilty about ‘deceiving’ your colleagues but you owe it to yourself to take a sick day once in a while.

Do it today!

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