Happiness isn’t all about hedonism. Set yourself up for a really great life with…self-control!

Happiness isn’t all about hedonism. Set yourself up for a really great life with…self-control!

Here at The Happiness Institute we're BIG fans of having fun and enjoying pleasures. Happiness is very much about enjoying life, as much as possible…but happiness, REAL & MEANINGFUL happiness, is also about so much more…

by Chris Freytag (MindBodyGreen)

Let’s just get the notion that living a healthy lifestyle is suffer and sacrifice out of the way. Self-discipline is really about self-empowerment. You’re in charge. You call the shots. And it feels awesome! Move away from thinking healthy means deprivation and shift your life toward discipline with these four strategies!

Self-control means feeling good.

People who show high self-control feel good and that translates to a better mood. Self-discipline, when practiced, can make you feel better in the short and long-term. When you're behaving like the CEO of your life, you feel good. On the flip side, if you're trapped in a cycle of overeating, self-loathing, regret and defeat, you're going to feel lousy.

You can get off the cycle of stress and overeating and more stress when you take control. Every time you say make a decision that’s aligned with your fitness goals, you'll feel more joy and personal empowerment. (You know, the exact opposite of how you feel when you tell someone you're going to lose weight and then you eat your way through a bag of chips.) You’ve got this! Take charge of your decisions and you're going to love how you feel. I guarantee your happiness will go up—especially when you do what you say you'll do—from workouts to that eating that delicious salad you said you’d have for lunch.

Self-discipline means creating an environment that supports you.

It isn’t that self-disciplined people are masters at resisting temptation, they might just be better at avoiding temptation in the first place by creating a supportive environment.

Do have friends who share your fitness goals or who want to workout with you? Have you spent time trying different forms of exercise so you can land on one (or two or three) that you love? Do you share your health goals openly with friends and family? Do you buy foods that support your goals? Do you use fitness apps that give you a little nudge to workout? Do you track your workouts or post your healthy menu for the week where you can see it?

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