10 Tips to being Deliciously Happy!

10 Tips to being Deliciously Happy!

Please enjoy yet another stimulating and positive article from the Huffington Post … 

Who wouldn't want a delicious life?

Life is meant to be experienced joyfully. We often believe we may not deserve the good life has to offer on a deeper level. We may allow so many things or conditions to base our happiness off of and in reality, happiness is a choice. It's not something that just happens to us. There has to be an acknowledgement that if happiness is wanted, then we need to look at all we do to stand against our own happiness.

Try a few of these tips on, see how they feel, you might surprise yourself. It is all within your power to make life more enjoyable right now.

1. Pleasure. Find pleasure everywhere you go, whether the circumstances are negative or positive, create pleasure. Begin and end with pleasing yourself. It makes you a more agile receiver of all the yumminess this life has to offer.

2. Play. Think of the playground, where the sound of laughter and singing can be heard. Look for the playfulness with others, engage them in playing, too. Even if it's to give a wink of an eye, kindly offer a compliment or make your kids chase the car as you start to drive out of the parking lot… play!

3. Forget the drama. Don't make everything that happens in life a drama. Stop looking for attention for all that is wrong, so you can commiserate or get sympathy. Stop placing your self-worth on the line by needing so much from others, instead of giving it to yourself — fill your own empty holes. While you're at it, stop reading all the drama in the media, which has nothing to do with you. There is nothing else to help with drama but stopping it. Fear-based drama does not bring happiness.

4. Find the quiet. Mmm… delicious. Feel yourself absorbing the quietness. At first it may feel awkward, but the more you do it, the more connected to yourself you become. And the more connected you are, the less needy you will feel, because the quiet can give you the peace you crave and then the hole inside stops running your life…

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