Find a way to practice spirituality daily; and find your way to happiness

Find a way to practice spirituality daily; and find your way to happiness

Here at The Happiness Institute our mission is to promote the principles of positive psychology and in doing so, make as many people as possible happy. 

One of the conclusions that repeatedly finds it's way into research summaries is that which ever way you look at it, spiritual or religious beliefs are beneficial. 

To be perfectly honest, we don't know exactly why (or there are several different hypotheses as to why) but at the end of the day, it's good for us to have some form of spiritual belief. 

Which is why I thought, for all of us seeking to create more happiness and better lives, this article would be worth sharing…

by Mastin Kipp from Daily Love

Sadhana is the Sanskrit word that means “spiritual practice.” The goal of the spiritual practice is to calm the mind and bring less attachment to the outside comings and goings of life.

Living with a sense of detachment is KEY to living a spiritual life.

This doesn’t mean we don’t care, or we are apathetic. It means that we know that life and crazy stuff happens, but it doesn’t define us. It means that no matter what happens “out there” we are not affected “in here.”

A sadhana practice can be a simple 5, 10 or 20-minute morning and/or evening meditation…

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