5 ways to develop more meaning at work

5 ways to develop more meaning at work

You spend a good chunk of your life at work…why not make it meaningful and enjoyable?

Happiness at work is not just possible, it should be a goal we all strive for…and that "we" means employers and employees. Because happiness at work is associated with greater producivity, engagement, collaboration and so much more. So employees are happy AND employers are also happy because they get more bang for their buck!

One of the key contributors to happiness at work is meaningfulness which is why we're happy to share with you today, this article outlining 5 ways you can find more meaning at work…

by Michelle Gielan from Psychology Today 

Does this sound like your workday?  The alarm goes off.  You get up, shower, and head to the office.  You say hi to the same people every morning, respond to emails, eat lunch with a couple of your colleagues in the cafeteria downstairs, and wait for the clock to tell you it is time to go home.  During most days, nothing remarkable seems to happen.  You are bored and complacent, and do not feel a sense of meaning in your work.

Don't worry, you are not alone.  Many of us wonder how a job that seemed good in the beginning now leaves us feeling listless, empty, or ready to bolt for the door at the end of each workday.

These days, more people are asking themselves: "Is this all there is?"  We wonder what kind of positive impact we are having on others and how we can make changes so that we feel more energized about our careers.  It can be done, I assure you!  Finding meaning at work is possible and achievable.  You don't necessarily need to switch companies or careers.  Meaning is all around us; we just have to know where to look!  Here are five strategies on how to develop a greater sense of meaning at the office:

Make a list of all the ways you positively impact people:  The work you do has value in this world beyond boosting the bottom line.  If it didn't, you wouldn't be doing it.  Ask yourself what kind of impact you are making on other people?  What does the result of your work allow others to do?  For instance, a store clerk might feel she is simply selling stuff to people to make money for the shop owner.  In reality, she often helps people pick the perfect gift and brightens their day.  Her positive attitude makes the difference.  How are you positively affecting people?

Leverage company resources to do good:  Your company has resources besides money – such as manpower and talent – that could be used to make a difference in your community.  Is your company involved in charitable initiatives?  Are you?  Maybe you and a group of your co-workers could volunteer or raise money for charity, while at the same time bonding and boosting company morale.  It's a win-win for everyone…

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