The Big Secret to Happiness at Work That_ã_s Right Under Your Nose

The Big Secret to Happiness at Work That_ã_s Right Under Your Nose

I know it's Friday and so you're probably all happy at work anyway but most of us would like to enjoy more happiness at work, more days of the week. 

And do you know what? 

It's possible. Distinctly possible. 

For some it might meaning changing jobs but for many it's simply a matter of changing the way you think about and approach your job. Finding, for example, ways to bring your purpose into your work can make a massive difference as this great article from the people at Delivering Happiness shows…

by Laura Garnett 

When was the last time you were suddenly overcome by a sense of immense gratitude for how much you loved your job? Or the last time you had a moment when you felt like you couldn’t imagine doing anything else? Or a time when your work was giving you so much joy that it almost felt like a dream?

Based on the results of the Deloitte Shift’s Index survey, which showed that 80 percent of Americans are unhappy with their jobs, odds are you are not experiencing the above scenario.  Most likely the cause is a lack of connection to your purpose. When someone is purpose-driven, they become resilient beyond measure. In an extreme example of this, Nelson Mandela was able to survive 27 years in prison because he was unshakably clear on his purpose. Clarity of purpose provides endless amounts of fulfillment and can create superhuman results and impact in your work.

Unfortunately, connecting with our purpose is not taught in schools. Our educational system has not been organized to help individuals find  work that provides them with a sense of purpose. Some people are lucky enough to naturally tap into their purpose at a young age and hone it effortlessly over time.

But for the rest of us, finding our purpose can feel like an endless maze that has no end. Which is why so many people are settling for work without purpose, or letting their paychecks make up for their lack of fulfillment. They’ve resigned themselves to the idea that work that makes their heart sing just doesn’t seem to be in the cards they have been dealt.

My work is all about changing this. Having a sense of purpose at work should be our birthright. It’s core to our human needs, and fortunately it’s also something that is readily there for the taking.  My professional obsession is determining how to access this powerful resource, both for myself and for others.  The good news is that I have discovered that it’s actually easier to connect than we think…

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