Dig yourself out of a rut with these 8 great tips

Dig yourself out of a rut with these 8 great tips

We all get into ruts sometimes…but we don't need to stay there!

All of us will, at some point in our lives, get stuck, bored, lose momentum and even feel down. 

But all of us can, if we know what to do, pull ourselves up again, revitalise our lives and regain the wonderful experience that is happiness. 


Check out these 8 great tips from MindBodyGreen…

Even the most motivated among us can get stuck in a productivity rut. You sit at your computer pretending to do work, but really you're scoping out your next vacation. Or maybe you're daydreaming about what you'll whip up for dinner. Whatever you're doing, it's not what you're meant to be doing! You need to get going on the task at hand, but you're stuck.

Sound familiar? How do you get out your productivity rut? These 8 little tricks will help catapult you out of your rut and back into productive territory fast!

1. Do something completely different.

Sometimes we need to take a little detour to get back on the right path. Don’t see this as procrastination. This shift is deliberate. You're simply redirecting your attention away from the distracting activity so you can re-focus.

2. Go for a quick walk or do a couple of flights of stairs.

Even if it's around the block or office. Getting up to stretch your legs will get your oxygen flowing and also clear your mind, allowing you to re-focus your attention in a more productive way.

3. Re-vamp your work environment.

Is your work environment boring? Messy? Cluttered? By tidying up your workspace, you'll make it more conducive to work, and less conducive to distractions. Ideally, your workspace will be tidy, uncluttered, and comfortable. (Think: nice flowers or a candle, not gaudy Christmas decorations and too many post-it notes.)

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