For happiness…practice these 25 Super Kindness tips

For happiness…practice these 25 Super Kindness tips

Happiness is NOT selfishness. 

Happiness is NOT hedonism. 

Happiness IS about others and that means…it involves compassion and caring and KINDNESS. 

Which is why we love this great list of 25 kindness tips from MindBodyGreen…

by Silvia Mordini

My poet’s heart has always been soft, and I tend to err on the side of being more kind than necessary. This has always been misunderstood and perceived as naïve, and even weird, by others. Quite frequently in a new situation my kindness was perceived as disingenuous, or as having an ulterior motive. Why would anyone be nice without expecting something in return? I had no explanation other than that it simply wasn't the way I was wired. Finally, as an adult I came to the realization that kindness is my superhero power.

Every day our lives serve as either a warning or as an example to others. My life at times has served as both. I now choose to have it serve only as an example. Kindness is my message to the world, and I’d like to think this message is gaining traction.

From my heart to yours, here are 25 ways to be kind:

1. Use social media to promote positive messaging and compassion. Stand up for kindness.

2. Give someone a genuine compliment.

3. Offer a hug or embrace for no reason.

4. Make peace with someone who has hurt you.

5. Help someone find a job.

6. Say thank you and please every day without fail.

7. Listen to a friend, or someone who needs it.

8. Help someone out in a practical way, such as offering help moving, cleaning up or babysitting.

9. Go on a complaint-free diet.

10. Encourage a friend or family member when they are uncertain or unmotivated.

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