20 Tips From a Dying Mother

20 Tips From a Dying Mother

Sometimes we learn the most important lessons during the hardest times. 

Sometimes we wait until it's almost too late before we decide to make the most of life. 

There's much to be learned about happiness and living your best life from this 20-point plan left by a dying mother for her family…

Dying mother leaves 20-point plan for happiness for her family – telegraph.co.uk 

A dying mother-of-four wrote a 20-point plan of instructions for her family and friends in how to lead happy lives, as she battled terminal cancer.

Annmarie James-Thomas was described by her husband as having an ‘indomitable spirit’ and a ‘never-say-die’ attitude after he revealed the plan on what would have been her 45th birthday, following her death from cervical cancer two months before.

The plan, which clearly shows the 44 year-old’s positive attitude to life, included the advice: 'What you put out comes back all the time – no matter what’ and ‘Failure is a signpost to turn you in another direction.’

It was handwritten by Mrs James-Thomas and found on a piece of notepaper by her husband after she died in March.

Mrs James-Thomas was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and travelled to America in search of alternatives to traditional medical treatment, before she returned to a specialist hospital in Cardiff to treat her tumour. She started writing the life plan for her husband and four sons, aged between 22 and 13, earlier this year when she realised she didn’t have long left to live.

Her husband Geraint, 47, said: “There was no way Annmarie would ever want her cancer to take over her life and that is what conventional medicine would have done…

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