101 things to be happy about right now!

101 things to be happy about right now!

Although not every item on this list will be relelvant to every one of you who read it (due to where you live and/or who you are) there are more than enough fantastic ideas here to prompt us to be grateful, appreciative and happy. 

So read on, pick the ones that work for you, and enjoy some happiness thanks to Merci Meglino…

Between the environment and the economy, overloaded schedules and buzzing BlackBerries, being happy is becoming a true challenge. While there are boatloads of new books on the topic — what happy people know, secrets of happiness, authentic happiness, the art of happiness, and so on — the bad news still keeps coming.

"In life, for every piece of bad news, if we look for it there's good news happening all around us," says Maud Purcell, psychotherapist and executive director of The Life Solution Center of Darien. "It's really all about our perspective and every day we have a choice on whether to focus on the good things or the bad things.

"If we choose to focus on what's good we will be much happier and will feel better because being happy has far-reaching effects," she says. "If you woke up this morning and you got out of bed and you're healthy, that's really good news. If you have food on your table or air conditioning (or heat in the winter) or your children are healthy, that's good news. It's the simple things in our lives that are good that are very often the things that are steady. Those things may not seem exciting, but if we were to lose them we would understand how lucky we had previously been.

"By focusing on those things now, it helps us to deal with the other things that aren't so good. It keeps the bad things in a healthy perspective."

So HealthyLife decided to take matters into our own hands and take charge of our happiness. If happiness is mind over matter, this list of 101 things to be happy about right now should help get us all feeling better about our day right now.

1. It's not winter.

2. You can read this article.

3. Coffee prevents diabetes.

4. Eating cheese boosts the immune system.

5. Hot chocolate

6. The moon has 100 times more water than we thought.

7. Chocolate fights wrinkles.

8. Freshly baked bread

9. Secret hiding places

10. Air guitar

11. Leaf peeping

12. Free entertainment while shopping at Stew Leonard's

13. Farmers' markets

14. Hot running water

15. This breath. This moment. Here and now!

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