10 Tips to Becoming an Optimist

10 Tips to Becoming an Optimist

There's no doubt that happy people think about the world in a different way. 

There's no doubt that real optimism, not just "positive thinking", is a vital piece in the puzzle that is happiness. 

For some poeople, optimism (and, therefore, happiness) comes naturally; for others, it can be learned. 

So check out these 10 tips from the Huffington Post and build your optimism then enjoy more happiness…

It pays to have a sunny disposition.

Optimistic people have been shown to have healthier hearts, better stress-management tendencies and lower risk for stroke compared to their glass-half-empty-seeing counterparts.

Looking on the bright side is easier said than done, of course. Fortunately, there are some ways to get your positive gears turning. In the slideshow below, David Mezzapelle, author of "Contagious Optimism," shares 10 tips for living more optimistically. Check them out then tell us in the comments: What philosophies will you adopt to see more silver linings?

  1. Have Gratitude

  2. Share your stories

  3. Forgive

  4. Listen

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