Simple things to boost your happiness

Simple things to boost your happiness

Here at The Happiness Institute we've said for quite some time now that achieveing happiness requires little more than practising a few simple disciplines, each and every day. 

Happiness need not be overcomplicated. 

Enjoying happiness almost always comes down to doing the little things right; often; consistently. 

Which is why we enjoyed this article from Tiny Buddha and wanted to share it with you here today…

by Midge

“Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness.” ~Charlotte Brontë

Habits are a double-edged human habitual practice—they can be healthy and unhealthy, and can bring us happiness and unhappiness.

We’ve all read about the importance of healthy and successful habits, and how to choose and practice them. But I’ve also recently read about how healthy and successful habits alone don’t necessarily lead to good health or real success. There’s more to it.

What I’m reading now shows that happiness appears to be just as important to wellbeing and success as lifestyle choices, that happiness alone may actually lead to the good life in body, mind, and spirit.

Sometimes there are things in life we just have to do. They’re neither painful nor pleasurable, just necessary chores. Why not lighten the load with a few little happy habits?

In my early twenties, I remember for years not being happy while shopping at the grocery market. To me, it was a dreaded chore.

I felt a certain sense of overwhelm just stepping into the market.

The overly-bright lights, the barrage of bad music interrupted only by the even more annoying announcements, the myriad choices (just shop the perimeter), deciphering the ingredients and nutrition facts labels (would the real food please stand out), the comparison shopping tasks (the mental math matters), the crowds and their carts (to maneuver around), having to remind the clerk time and again that I didn’t want paper or plastic (I brought ‘em and I’ll bag ‘em), and the expensive ka-ching! (silent swipe, actually) at the check-out.

And I also recall feeling guilty (first-world problem, right?) while shopping for groceries. There I was, a first-world affluent person with really, not relatively, more than enough money, free (from work) time, and access to good food, and I resented having to shop for it. I really felt unhappy about it.

Now, this may seem like a trivial problem, but think about it. This little habit was negatively affecting my happiness. And it was no laughing matter, literally. It was making me unhappy.

Is there something you must do each day or even once or twice a week, something that you’re not happy doing? Are there a few of these somethings?

How would you describe your day-in and day-out days: happy ones with moments of unhappiness, or unhappy ones with moments of happiness? If there were simple little ways to create more happiness in your life, would you?

Even though about half of our happiness nature is actually found in the happy gene, there’s still the entire other half (full or empty, depending on which genes you don) that you can choose to nurture.

Optimists, drink up! And pessimists, don’t go thirsty! Practice simple, little happy habits.

1. Choose a simple, little happy habit.

First of all, simply set an intention for happiness. Would you like to create a little happiness for yourself and others? Just be conscious of your intention. Then choose a happy habit to practice.

What thoughts, words, and acts would naturally bring you and others happiness? What would work with your personality, your essential being, and not against it? What’s something you could practice doing that would cause you to lose track of the time and effort it takes to do it?

Better yet, choose a happy habit that takes very little time and simple efforts in the first place.

How about just smiling at each person you encounter today??How about simply saying please, thank you, and you’re welcome??How about sending an email to coworkers or clients expressing your appreciation?

Repeated small acts of kindness for yourself and others make for happy habits indeed.

2. Take a little time to simply practice it.

Is it something you can do any time of the day? Do you need to be in a particular position or situation, or need specific tools or materials? Can you do it even when you’re tired? Remember, keep your happy habit practice simple and little…

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