8 Ways to Stop Over-Thinking and Regain Your Happiness

8 Ways to Stop Over-Thinking and Regain Your Happiness

from the Huffington Post

Let's face it — over-thinking leaves you drained. It robs you of your peace and poise of mind. It's mental exhaustion on the level of running a marathon every day. It's a mind-numbing habit that keeps you stuck from leading a happy, healthy life. And who doesn't want to be happier? Here are eight proven strategies to help you kick the over-thinking habit.

Stop! Enough!

The next time your monkey mind begins to produce a drama worthy of an Oscar, silently shout: "Stop! Enough!" Change the channel to something peaceful.


Train your mind through visualization techniques. When your monkey mind gloms on to something from the past it wants to relive or gets its hooks into a future scenario, replace what your monkey mind wants to watch with something you want to watch. Visualize a happy memory or simply allow your mind to sink into its happy place. For me, my happy place is sitting in my beach chair with my toes wrapped in warm sand, a good book, and the sound of the Atlantic ocean as waves greet the shore.

Just Breathe

Turn your attention and focus on our breath. Focus on your inhales and exhales. Slow your breathing down. Take deeper breaths. Relax your jaw. Unclench your fists. Just Breathe…

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