Do you ever over-react? Try these 7 simple “calm down” phrases!

Do you ever over-react? Try these 7 simple “calm down” phrases!

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Have you heard the popular urban legend of the space pen?

As the story goes, the US space mission needed something reliable to write with while they were on space missions. None of the pens they had until then worked in the zero-gravity environment of outer space. So, millions of dollars were spent to invent a space pen.

In the meantime on the other side of the pond, the Russian astronauts faced the same problem. They however, decided to adopt a much simpler solution… they used pencils.

Even though it’s an urban legend, the story is so plausible that decades after the mission to the moon, the story is still in circulation.

The question I have for you is….

Are You Taking The Space Pen Approach to Life?

Do you make matters more complicated than they ought to be?

Do you read hordes of personal development books hoping that they will deliver some deep wisdom to help you face the troubles in your life?

Do you consult a life coach, psychologist or psychiatrist, hoping that they will somehow make your problems vanish?

The Pencil Approach to Life

What if there is a much simpler solution?

After years of taking the space pen approach to everyday issues, I’ve come to realize that a few “calm-down phrases” are way more powerful than a library full self-help and personal development books.

The secret to making our troubles disappear are powerful words of wisdom handed down from generations, disguised in the form of simple everyday phrases. They are like charms that we can carry around with us everywhere and by simply uttering them, we can blow our way through even the toughest of issues!

I have compiled below a list of 7 phrases that I find the most helpful. I am sure you have many more that I hope you will share with us –

#1 “It is what it is”

Much of our worries and sorrows are because we expect things to be one way, but the universe seems to think otherwise. And of course, the mighty universe always wins. Accept things the way they are, and life will go much smoother.

#2 “This too shall pass”

Finding it hard to accept things the way they are? Then just breathe and let things run their course. Everything has a beginning and an end – whatever it is that is troubling you, shall end soon enough too.

#3 “Whatever”

Imagine if this simple word can shield a whole generation of teenagers from the angst of the youth, what it can do for you as you face your day with a cranky boss, crazy colleagues or obnoxious clients!

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