Check out this positive and inspiring news story…

Check out this positive and inspiring news story…

Always on the look out for positive and inspirational stories, we're happy to share this one with you today…

from The Huffington Post

Richard Peck goes to extraordinary athletic measures to compete in several Ironman events each year — all for his younger brother, Chris, who has Down Syndrome.

Peck, 48, raises money and awareness for the National Down Syndrome Society, or NDSS. He says, in the HooplaHa video above, that he's inspired to compete because his brother has never let Down Syndrome limit him.

"My brother has the same hopes, wishes, dreams, desire to be included in things that I do, that my sister does, that my parents do, that you do," Peck said.

This year, Peck will race in the Ironman Lake Placid in July and Ironman Florida in November, according to his NDSS Your Way donations page.

"It's more of a celebration of what he has taught me," Peck said. "It's unconditional support for one another. That's the bond."

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PS: remember, always, that the negativity to which we're too often exposed to by most media outlets is NOT an accurate representation of the real world. Yes, there are bad people and yes, some terribly bad things happen out there in the real world BUT let's not forget also that there are many, many wonderful people doing many, many wonderful things. 

Happiness, real happiness is keeping this all in perspective; happiness is facing up to those cold hard realities, doing what we can about them, but also focusing on the good and the positive and the inspiring and the motivational. 

So share this positive story with family and friends and colleagues and anyone because the more we can do to counteract the excessive negativity that too often dominates the better for all.