Happiness Challenge – Boost your happiness by GIVING more!

Happiness Challenge – Boost your happiness by GIVING more!

Did you know that exciting new research from Prof. Adam Grant, of the highly regarded Wharton Business School, indicates that those who GIVE at work are ultimately more successful than those who TAKE and even than those who TRADE. This goes against the grain of "common wisdom" that the workplace is a cut-throat environment in which dog eats dog and only the toughest and most selfish survive. In contrast, according to Grant's work, it's the most altruistic and generous who actually thrive (note: you can read more HERE).

And there's no reason to think this wouldn't apply just as much to other aspects of our lives! Read on below for this week's challenge where we set some tasks for you to be more giving. 

Following on from the previous paragraph, this week's challenge to you is quite simply…to be more giving.

  1. Do at least one thing for someone else at work (or at home) without expecting anything at all in return

  2. Give your undivided attention to someone you work and/or live with, for at least 10 minutes each day

  3. Be generous with your time; don't rush those around you but allow them the time they need to talk or to complete a task

  4. Find at least one way to give outside of work and outside of the home (e.g. by volunteering and/or by donating money to a cause in which you believe)

Do you have any other ideas about how to be more giving? If so, feel free to share HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page. And as we've been doing these last few weeks, you can complete the challenge above online or on the special InvivoPlay app and add a bit of fun to things! Just click HERE to subscribe to all of Dr. Happy's challenges or click HERE for this week's specific giving task. And in case you don't already know…it's FREE