Happiness…it’s the courage to live your life the way you want to and/or should

Happiness…it’s the courage to live your life the way you want to and/or should

by Dr. Happy

How many of us were brought up being told something like…"it's the thought that counts"? 

Well, thoughts clearly do count and optimism, especially, is central to happiness; but thoughts on their own achieve little. For thoughts to really have an impact they need to be brought alive through actions. 

Because actions speak louder than thoughts. 

Happiness isn't just feeling good (it is, partially)…it's also doing good. 

Happiness isn't just selfish hedonism…it's kindness and compassion and love and more. 

Happiness, if understood as living our best lives, is realised at the intersection of…

  • our values

  • our strengths

  • our passions

And more so, happiness is not just about clarifying what these things are (e.g. our values and strengths etc) although that's a great first step for many; more so, happiness is about having the courage to live our lives, each and every day…consistent with our values, utilising our strengths and inspiring with our passions

All of this, in reality, involves action; it involves doing; it might start with thinking and intention and more but it is only ever fully realised when it's done. 

So by all means, think about what it might take to make you happy but then get out there, in the real world with real people, and LIVE IT! DO IT NOW! It might not always be easy but I assure you, you won't regret it and you definitely won't live your best possible life without doing it.