8 Things Happy People Do Each and Every Day

8 Things Happy People Do Each and Every Day

by Dr. Happy 

What can those wanting to be happy learn from those who're already productive and successful? 

Quite a lot methinks! 

I recently came across this article (HERE) in which the author listed the following 8 Things Productive People do During the Workday. He noted that they…

  1. Create smaller to-do lists

  2. Take regular breaks

  3. Follow the 80/20 rule

  4. Start each day by taking care of themselves

  5. Begin with more difficult tasks

  6. Pick up the phone and call people

  7. Create systems

  8. Know what productivity really is

Now much of this is directly relevant to those of us wanting to create more happiness but just to make it clear, and to use language more appropriate to those aspiring more towards personal fulfilment and wellbeing, I'd suggest those wanting to enjoy more positive emotion such as happiness should…

  1. set small, achievable, meaningful goals each and every day

  2. understand that to be at our best we also need to rest

  3. focus on what's really important rather than what's seemingly urgent (something that requires  being clear about values and priorities)

  4. make time, ideally at the beginning of the day, for exercise and meditation and self-care

  5. do what needs to be done not just what's fun

  6. connect with real people in a real and meaningful way in the real world 

  7. create happiness habits (see HERE)

  8. know what happiness really is (and what it isn't … that is, it's NOT selfishness or hedonism)

So there you go; happiness lessons from the productive. 

What do you think? 

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