Why happiness is NOT selfishness AND how you can build positive relationships

Why happiness is NOT selfishness AND how you can build positive relationships

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One of the greatest myths about happiness is that it somehow equates with selfishness and/or hedonism. Now there's no doubt we do need to take care of ourselves and seeking pleasure is (in context) a good thing BUT research clearly points to the fact that the happiest people have both more and better quality relationships. As one of the "grandfathers" of Positive Psychology, Chris Peterson, once famously said…"other people matter". Another very well know researcher, George Vaillant, has also been known to sum up his decades of research into longevity and quality of life in one simple word…"love". His research (summarised HERE) notes, among other things the importance of a warm and caring relationship with one's mother as well as close, good friendships in childhood. One the flip side of this, isolation is increasingly being recognised as one of the developed worlds greatest killers and as one of the most significant barriers to health and happiness (read more HERE). 


This week's practical tips therefore, focus on how you can boost your health and wellbeing, your happiness and more via the development and fostering of good quality relationships. If you're interested in achieving this keep reading and apply some of the tips listed below…

  • Make a conscious effort to work at your relationships

  • Talk about things that really matter

  • Be nice – and caring and considerate and more

  • Celebrate life – with others about whom you care

  • Argue politely – disagreements are inevitable but rudeness or agression need not be

  • Don't allow boredom to sneak in!

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