Tips for successful goal setting…and ultimately for happiness!

Tips for successful goal setting…and ultimately for happiness!

by Dr. Happy

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Did you know that people who set goals are far more likely to be happy and successful when compared to those who don't set goals? Further, people who set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed) goals are even more likely to be happy and successful BECAUSE they're far more likely to achieve their goals. Related research indicates that people who set STRETCH goals, goals that extend themselves and their abilities enjoy a sense of satisfaction above and beyond the normal accomplishment and finally, people who monitor or track their progress and re-evaluate at regular intervals, or when appropriate, also increase their chances of success and, therefore, of happiness!


Taking all of this goal setting research into account, we're happy today to bring you the following tips to ensure you maximise your chances of setting appropriate goals and, notably, of achieving them…

As already noted above, make sure your goals are SMART (see above)

  • Consistent with this, especially with the "R" component, ensure your goals are really YOUR goals, not someone else's

  • And further still on this point, make sure your goals are consistent with both your PASSIONS and with your VALUES (see below in the Best Blogs' section)

  • Share your goals with others and ask them to encourage and support you in your endeavours

  • Reward yourself every single step along the way

  • Expect setbacks, but keep going

  • Have fun along the way; there's definitely truth to the saying that happiness is in the journey (not just in reaching the destination)

If you're working towards or if you've achieved a significant goal then please share with us as we'd love to celebrate your successes! If you email it to us here at The Happiness Institute we'll include some inspirational accomplishments here in this eNewsletter or you can also share them directly on our Facebook Page – HERE. Thanks in advance.