Ignite your passion to create more happiness

Ignite your passion to create more happiness

by Dr. Timothy Sharp (HERE

Find and follow your passion for more energy and happiness in life! 

You've probably all heard someone say that or read something like that somewhere; and you've probably all thought that it makes sense. But I'm guessing many of you have also reacted with something like…

…well that's all well and good but HOW do I find my passion? 


…I know what my passion is but it's not practical or possible for me to do anything about it! 

Well, let me address both these issues here and now. 

Firstly, we all have passions, even if they're buried deep down inside, and to "find" or "uncover" them ask yourself some or all of the following questions: 

  • what do you love doing? 

  • what did you love doing when you were younger? 

  • what would you do even if you weren't paid for it? 

  • what can't you imagine not doing? 

  • what brings you to life? 

  • what energises you? 

  • when do you feel most you? 

  • on what do others compliment you? 

The answers to these types of questions should lead you towards your passions, which are typically related to the use of your signature strengths (see HERE). What we know for a fact is that people who're more aware of, and better at utilising their strengths tend to be happier and far more successful! 

But, you might add, what if I know my strengths but…it's just not practical to focus on them (e.g. I can't pay the rent and/or feed my family painting or playing music or writing poetry)? 

To that I would respond with…that's fine. We do need to be practical and we need to live in the real world BUT don't rule things out until you've really thought it through or given something a proper trial. Would you ever believe someone could make a career out of playing with a yo-yo? 

Watch HERE and you'll never think of yo-yo's the same way again!

But even after watching this, I acknowledge that not everyone will be able to pursue their passion…full time! But we can all spend some of our time pursuing out passions and when we do, even if it's just during the evenings or on weekends, the energy this creates will spill over into other parts of our lives and provide immeasurable benefits. 

So set aside some time to identity your passions and then build them into your life; and if you think you need some help, feel free to get in touch (HERE) to find out how we might be able to help you.