Great news…there are at least 3 ways to have fun!

Great news…there are at least 3 ways to have fun!

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We spend a huge amount of time with TV. Watching TV is probably the world’s most popular pastime and is the greatest use of our time after accounting for sleep and work.

In the United States alone, people spend more than four hours a day watching TV.

Watching great television can be an enormous source of pleasure. Channel surfing, however, becomes a default activity that doesn’t add a lot to our happiness — yet we persist in watching.

So how does TV fit into happiness?

To answer that question, I had to break “fun” into three types…

Challenging fun is the most rewarding, and the most demanding.

Learning to play golf is challenging fun. First you have to learn the equipment, the rules, the vocabulary, the motions. You’re frustrated. You have to do some errands. It takes a lot of time to get any kind of mastery. But slowly it becomes more fun. You’re outside, you’re with friends, you’re gaining mastery, you’re visiting new places—that’s fun! Challenging fun takes patience, time, energy, perseverance, and a long time horizon.

Usually less challenging, but still requiring a fair bit of effort, is accommodating fun…

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