Boost your happiness with…exercise

Boost your happiness with…exercise

Physical exercise does much more than make you stronger and fitter: it will also make you happier! 

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Did you know that physical exercise does much more than just make you fit and strong? Physical exercise and activity generally do make you fit and strong but just as importantly, multiple studies have shown that they also contribute to (1) lower levels of stress and depression, (2) higher levels of positive emotion, (3) greater life satisfaction and (4) more positive body image! These research findings are profoundly important because they reinforce the classic "mind-body" connection and suggest that we can boost our happiness and wellbeing by working on our minds and our bodies. In fact, doing both at the same time would almost certainly multiply the benefits several fold!


Following on from the previous research update…

…let's explore some ways to build more exercise and activity into outlives!

  • Firstly, find a form of "exercise" that you enjoy. This might sound obvious but so many people persist with exercise they hate and so eventually, give up! It doesn't have to be running or going to the gym (although they're fine if you like them) but rather, try to identify any form of enjoyable physical movement that gets your body moving and your blood pumping. It could be walking in the park, kicking a ball around, swimming, bike riding, playing a team sport or even dancing!

  • Elaborating on the previous point, make it fun! Play music at the same time; listen to podcasts; compete with someone if that's what turns you on; vary your exercise and activity to prevent boredom; find whatever ways you can to integrate exercise with fun and play!

  • And building on this even further – many people enjoy exercising more when they do it with others! Making exercise a social activity can make it more enjoyable and increase the chances you'll do it regularly. So find an exercise or a walking "buddy"; join a walking or exercise group; post your progress on Facebook and encourage family and friends to support and encourage and reinforce you!

There you have it; some tips to making exercise fun which is important because making it fun will increase your chances of doing it regularly and exercising regularly will increase your chances of enjoying all the wonderful benefits listed above!