Boost your happiness with…positive reminscence

Boost your happiness with…positive reminscence

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Did you know that you can use the past to enhance the present? A number of positive psychology studies conducted in recent years have highlighted the benefits of what's being referred to as "positive reminiscence". As most of you probably know, dwelling on what's gone wrong doesn't really help anyone or anything (unless, that is, you learn from it and use the lessons to become stronger or wiser or more resilient etc). In contrast, dwelling on what's gone right can be extremely helpful; in fact, those who actively practiced this strategy ultimately reported feeling happier far more often! Read on to find out how to integrate this into your life…


Following on from the research update above we invite you to try the following "positive reminiscence" strategies to enhance your happiness and wellbeing…

  • Set aside at least 10 minutes, twice each day

  • Sit quietly somewhere where you won't be disturbed

  • Focus on at least one positive memory

  • While focusing, breathe slowly, relax, and think about this positive memory in as much detail as you can

  • Picture all events and feelings associated with this memory and allow any related images to enter your mind

Note: you can also do what's essentially the same activity as that described above but in addition, you can find a real memento that reminds you of a positive event and use this to enhance the experience. 

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