For happiness…adopt a growth mindset

For happiness…adopt a growth mindset

By Joe Wilner from PsychCentral 

I was speaking with a close friend recently who was having difficulty accepting where she was in her career. She didn’t feel things were coming together as quickly as she would’ve liked and started to second guess if she was following the right path.

This was all based on the idea that progress was coming too slowly and not as naturally as she expected.

She started to discount her ability and even view her apparent skills and talents to be nonexistent. Even when receiving complements, she would be unable to accept them internally.

This is a clear example of having a “fixed mindset,” or the belief that personal talents, skills, and characteristics are unchangeable.

When you run into problems do you assume it’s because you don’t have the skill and competence needed?

Or, do you have a “growth mindset,” where you recognize that personal attributes are often changeable, manageable, and can be learned?

Life is a journey of learning, and when we are able to recognize this, resilience and tenacity will become a part of our natural response.

Focusing on growth can be applied to many domains of life. It can be related to education, career, or relationships, and below are just a few ideas to build this capacity.

Embrace uncertainty

If there is one thing that is for sure, it’s that life and our future is uncertain. Uncertainty is nothing to be feared, but is a constant part of life that offers us a chance to explore our potential.

Think big and bold when it comes to uncertainty. Take action and don’t be afraid to deal with unexpected circumstances. We can learn from mistakes and correct things as we go…

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And remember, a growth mindset has been shown to be associated with a wide range of positive outcomes including happiness, success, resilience and more. 

So give it a go and see what you gain!