Let’s all care more for a happier society

Let’s all care more for a happier society

People want a more caring and compassionate society

24 Jan 2013 | Barrett Values Centre

** Researchers uncover major disconnect between what matters most to people and how they feel UK society is currently operating **

People living in the UK want a more caring and compassionate society, with greater accountability and honesty and more effective governance, a major new report reveals.

Researchers have found caring for the elderly and disadvantaged, affordable housing and employment opportunities come top of British citizens' wish lists. The ground breaking study, which is being launched today, has been compiled by Barrett Values Centre (BVC) in consultation with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and with support from Action for Happiness.

The report, Increasing Happiness by Understanding What People Want, is based on questions asked to 4,000 people living in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It has identified the personal values of people living in the UK, as well as the values they currently experience in their local communities and in the nation as a whole, along with the values they most want to see reflected in their communities and the nation.

The UK is the twenty-fourth country to be studied by BVC in the past five years. The results of the study are being provided to the Government in the hope that they will influence future policy.

The report shows that people living in the UK value meaningful, close relationships and operate with a strong sense of integrity. The top personal values selected include caring, family, honesty, humour and fun, friendship, fairness and compassion, as well as independence, respect and trust…

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