7 things you can do now to make yourself happier

7 things you can do now to make yourself happier

Yet another great article on happiness from PsychCentral…

by Jenise Harmon

Have you ever felt as if happiness is something that you have to wait to come to you?

Do you ever wonder why other people are happy, and you’re not?

The good news is that being happy is more of a choice than you might think.

Happiness doesn’t have to be an elusive idea that only some fortunate people are able to obtain. Here are seven simple things you can do to increase your happiness.

  1. Remember the last time you felt peaceful. Think about where you were, whom you were with, and what was around you. Remember the sounds, the feelings and the scents that surrounded you. What was the light like? Was there a breeze? Try and re-experience that feeling for a minute.

  2. Say one kind word or do one kind action to/for the next person you meet. It could be sincerely wishing them a nice afternoon or paying the bill for the person behind you at Starbucks. It could even be a kind word to yourself.

  3. Hold your tongue. The next time you get angry or frustrated don’t react. Give yourself space to calm down before doing or saying something you will later regret. This may not cause happiness in the moment, but when you calm down, you’ll feel good about not saying or doing something out of anger…

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